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TOWN OF ITHACA PLANNING BOARD <br />215 North Tioga Street <br />Ithaca, New York 14850 <br />Tuesday, January 17, 2012 <br />AGENDA <br />7:00 P.M. Persons to be heard (no more than five minutes). <br />7:05 P.M. SEQR Determination: Krizek 2 -Lot Subdivision, 134 & 128 Poole Road. <br />7:05 P.M. PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Preliminary and Final Subdivision Approval for <br />the proposed 2 -Lot subdivision located at 134 and 128 Poole Road, Town of Ithaca Tax <br />Parcel No.'s 28 -1 -34.19 and 28 -1 -34.9, Low Density Residential Zone. The proposal <br />involves subdividing 0.151 +/- acres, which contains an existing garage, from the <br />southeast corner of 134 Poole Road (Tax Parcel No. 28 -1- 34.19), which will then be <br />consolidated with 128 Poole Road (Tax Parcel No. 28 -1- 34.9). Richard J. Krizek and <br />Janet Krizek, Owners /Applicants. <br />7:15 P.M. Consideration of a sketch plan for the proposed 23 -lot subdivision located off Park Lane <br />south of John Street, Town of Ithaca Tax Parcel No.'s 56 -3 -13.2, 56 -3- 13.36, and 57 -2- <br />1.2, Medium Density Residential Zone. The proposal involves the construction of two <br />new roads to provide access to 22 new residential lots and one lot reserved for <br />stormwater facilities. The proposed Edwin Drive is located on the west side of Park Lane <br />and will contain 6 residential lots while the proposed Brian Drive is on the east side of <br />Park Lane and contains 16 residential lots. This project was originally submitted to the <br />Town of Ithaca Planning Board in 2007 for preliminary subdivision approval, but did not <br />receive any approvals. William P. Frandsen, Owner /Applicant; Theodore E. Lauve, <br />P.E., Agent. <br />5. Nomination and Election of Vice Chairperson for 2012. <br />6. Approval of Minutes: December 20, 2011. <br />Other Business: <br />- Letter from Integrated Acquisition and Development. <br />Adjournment <br />Susan Ritter <br />Director of Planning <br />273 -1747 <br />NOTE: IF ANY MEMBER OF THE PLANNING BOARD IS UNABLE TO ATTEND, PLEASE NOTIFY <br />SANDY POLCE AT 273 -1747. <br />(A quorum of four (4) members is necessary to conduct Planning Board business.) <br />