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resources should be included in the scope of the urban plan,”and the June 10,2008 <br />Planning Board comments on the then-draft plan also called for the final plan to contain a <br />list “indicating which Collegetown buildings and structures merit permanent preservation <br />because of their historic significance.” <br />Since it has not yet been accomplished,the work of identifying and designating the specific <br />Collegetown historic resources that merit,but do not yet have,permanent protection <br />remains to be done,and should be done expeditiously,to provide all the community benefits <br />stated in §228-2 of the “Landmarks Preservation”chapter of the City of Ithaca Municipal <br />Code.[...] <br />Furthermore,the John Snaith House is included in the “Collegetown Historic Resources Worthy of <br />Detailed Research:Icons of Collegetown,Individual Buildings,Architectural Ensembles &L andscape <br />Features”report,prepared by former Alderperson Mar y Tomlan and Planning Board Chair John <br />Schroeder on June 14,2009.Fifteen of the properties in the latter report,including the Snaith House, <br />were identified in the application authorized by the City of Ithaca Common Council on September 1, <br />2010 for a 2011 New York State Certified Local Government Sub-Grant to fund survey and documenta- <br />tion,pursuant to local historic designation and potential nomination to the National Register of Historic <br />Places. <br />There is nothing in “Ithaca,N.Y.:A General Plan”(1971)as amended that conflicts with the proposed <br />designation of the Snaith House as a local landmark. <br />In summar y,designation of the John Snaith House as a local landmark is consistent with the goals and <br />recommendations of the “2009 Collegetown Urban Plan &Conceptual Design Guidelines,”and would <br />represent one step toward fulfilling this plan’s recommendations. <br />RELATION OF DESIGNATION TO THE ZONING LAWS:The zoning classification of the property proposed for <br />local landmark designation is R-3b.Local designation will not affect building uses permitted under the <br />Zoning Ordinance.Ithaca L andmarks Preservation Commission review is limited to the visual compati- <br />bility of proposed exterior alterations,additions or demolition. <br />RELATION OF DESIGNATION TO PLANNED PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS:There are no public improvements <br />planned on the property that would conflict with the proposed designation of the Snaith House as a local <br />landmark. <br />RELATION OF DESIGNATION TO PLANS FOR THE RENEWAL OF THE SITE OR AREA INVOLVED:On April 26, <br />2011,the Planning and Development Board granted Preliminar y and Final Site Plan Approval for a three- <br />stor y,twelve-bedroom addition to the south side of the Snaith House;this addition has been carefully <br />and thoughtfully designed to be compatible with the original historic building and to be in accordance <br />with generally-accepted historic preservation principles.There are no plans in the City’s Community <br />Development Block Grant program or by the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency for renewal of this site or the <br />nearby area.Local landmark designation would require that any future private proposal for material <br />change of the exterior of the building or site undergo review and approval by the Ithaca L andmarks <br />Preservation Commission before work commences. <br />—2 —