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s <br />FILE <br />DATE <br />TOWN OF ITHACA PLANNING BOARD. <br />TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2004 <br />The Town of Ithaca Planning Board met in regular session on Tuesday, February <br />17, 2004, in Town Hall, 215 North Tioga, Ithaca, New York, at 7:00 p.m. <br />PRESENT: Fred Wilcox, Chairperson; Eva Hoffmann, Board Member; Larry <br />Thayer, Board Member; Rod Howe, Board Member; Kevin Talty, Board Member <br />Jonathan Kanter, Director of Planning; David Dubow, Acting Attorney for the <br />Town; Dan Walker, Director of Engineering; . - <br />EXCUSED: Board Member; George Conneman, Board Member; Tracy Mitrano; <br />Susan Ritter, Assistant Director of Planning; Michael Smith, Environmental <br />Planner. <br />OTHERS: Harold Babcock, 262 Bundy Road; Carol Babcock, 262 Bundy Road; <br />Anna Smith, 242 DuBois Road; John Bowers, 1406 Trumansburg Road; Celia <br />Bowers, 1406 Trumansburg Road; Sharon M. Marx; 156 Bundy Road; Margaret <br />F. Dill, Human Services Coalition, 100 West Seneca Street; Pat Hall, 1307 <br />Trumansburg Road; Jerry Hall, 1307 Trumansburg Road; Gordon Walden, 121 <br />Hopkins Road; June Walden, 121 Hopkins Road; Andrew Brink, 137 Hopkins <br />Road; Denise McEnemy, 131 Hopkins Road; Joe McEnemy, 131 Hopkins Road; <br />Dom Garcia, Tompkins County Action; Ted Bassani, Eagle Broadcasting; Joyce <br />Merritt, 127 Woolf Lane; Sidney Merritt; 127 Woolf Lane; Alex Arker (no address <br />given); Paul Mazzarella; Ithaca Neighborhood Housing, 115 West Clinton Street, <br />Bruce Rich, 253 DuBois Road; Margot Chiuten, Trowbridge & Wolf, LLP; Peter <br />Trowbridge, Trowbridge & Wolf, LLP.; Joel Harlan; Newfield; Herb Engman, 120 <br />Warren Road; Karen Governati, 1 Perry Lane; Daniel Governanti; 1 Perry Lane; <br />Rhonda Bickford, 1466 Trumansburg Road; Albert Burkhardt, 3 Perry Lane; Mary <br />Burkhardt; 3 Perry Lane; Uigiman Marques, 208 DuBois Road; David Gombay, <br />1452 Trumansburg Road; Robin Hamlish, 1230 Trumansburg Road; Steven <br />Daughhetee, 245 Haytes Road; Carmen Blankinship, 222 Bundy Road; Daniel, <br />Yohum, 208 DuBois Road; Robin Tessell, 135 Campbell Avenue, Tim Ciaschi, <br />120 Grove Road; Rhonda Bickford, 1466 Trumansburg Road; Virginia Markee, <br />208 DuBois Road; Don Crittendon, 173 Bundy Road; David Gombash, 1452 <br />Trumansburg Road <br />Chairperson Wilcox. declared the meeting duly opened at 7:06 p.m., and <br />accepted for the record Secretary's Affidavit of Posting. and Publication of the <br />Notice of Public Hearings in Town Hall and the Ithaca Journal on February 9, <br />2004 and February .11, 2004, together with the properties under discussion, as <br />appropriate, upon the Clerks of the City of Ithaca and the Town of Danby, upon <br />the Tompkins County Commissioner of Planning, upon the Tompkins County <br />Commissioner of Public Works, and upon the applicants and /or agents, as <br />appropriate, on February 11, 2004. <br />