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TOWN OF DRYDE <br />SPECIAL TOWN BOARD AWXTING <br />August 2, 201 I <br />Present. Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner, Cl Stcphtm Stelick, Cl Joseph <br />Solomon, Cl Jason Leifer, Cl David Makar <br />ghi Qted Officials; Sambi L. Avery, Town Clerk <br />Jack Bush, Highwsy Superintendent <br />Other Town Staff: Mahlon R. Perkins, Town Attorney <br />Data Kwasnowski, Director of Planning <br />Supv Sumner opened the board meeting at 7.05 p_rn, and board mcembers and guests <br />participated in the pledge of allence, <br />Supv Sumner thanked everyone for coming and expressing an interest in this issue. <br />She said they have elected to dispense with citizens privilege tonight. The have accepted email <br />comments up until about 0 minutes ago, Partly in recognition of the nearly 300 email <br />comments received in the last six weeks, they are dispersing with citizens privilege tonight. <br />This is a town board working meeting a?rd they will not be taking any comments, She said she <br />would appreciate it if the public would refrain from expressions of pleasure or displeasure if <br />possible, <br />The Clarity Connect co =location hearing was rescheduled for August 3 1 at 7:00 p.m, <br />At Perkins said the applicant should comply with the procedure requirements in the local law <br />and submit a ruest in writing for the fee waiver request. That hearing will be on the .1st <br />also. <br />Supv Sumner asked khe board to consider the resolution clarifying the town's <br />prohibition of natural gas exploration and extraction, Cl Leifer moved the resolution; it wa.s <br />seconded by Cl Solomon, Atty Perkins said this resolution is essentially what +%^as distributed <br />L <br />n June_ There are some changes and a track changes version has been emailed to the board, <br />Some changes simply involved reorganizing the "whereas' paragraphs so that like concepts and <br />topics were grouped together. <br />There is new leu -iguage regarding the headwaters of O asco and Cayuga. Lakes, the <br />Susquehanna River, Sic Mile Creek Arid Fall Creek and the fact that they are all public <br />drinking water sources, There is new language that talks about the Town's tormvA�ater <br />Management, Erosion and Sediment Control Law and the local law to prohibit illicit discharges <br />in connections to the MS4, There are other editorial changes and additions. There is mother <br />new paragraph regarding critical environmental areas. There are changes in the paragraph <br />regarding scientific paprsrz, reports and articles which are now in appendix 1. There are <br />several new paragraphs. The paragraph regarding public comments is new and the comments <br />are attached in appendix _ There are .no changes to the proposed text of the arnendrnernt, but <br />some editorial changes were made to the Findings and Determination. In paragraph S of the <br />, the words 'surface water" were added, S) R review is necessary prior to adoption of <br />the amendment. <br />PqG I of M <br />°0 <br />s <br />N <br />