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<br /> <br />Town of Danby Planning Board <br />NOTICE OF MEETING <br /> <br />The regular meeting of the Town of Danby Planning Board will <br />be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2018 at Danby <br />Town Hall, 1830 Danby Road, Town of Danby, New York. <br /> <br />AGENDA: <br />1. Call to Order / Agenda Review: additions or deletions to agenda <br />2. Privilege of the Floor <br />3. Approval of Minutes <br />• September 2018 minutes <br />4. Town Board Liaison Report (verbal) <br />5. Action items <br />• Project: Standard Subdivision <br />Location: 808 Comfort Road, Tax Parcel # 9.-1-13.22 <br />Applicant: David Mastroberti <br />Anticipated Board action(s) this month: Public Hearing; Determination of <br />Environmental Significance; Preliminary and Final Approval <br />Project Description: The Applicant proposes to subdivide the existing 43.15-acre <br />property into three parcels: Parcel 1, measuring approximately 14 acres, with 153 <br />feet of frontage on Comfort Road, approximately 1488 feet of depth, and previously <br />developed; Parcel 2, measuring approximately 16 acres with 402 feet of frontage on <br />Comfort Road, approximately 1160 feet of depth, and undeveloped; and Parcel 3, <br />measuring approximately 13 acres, with 227 feet of frontage on Comfort Road, <br />approximately 1289 feet of depth, with existing house. An Area Variance from <br />Zoning Ordinance Section 600(5) from the Board of Zoning Appeals was for the <br />approved at the September 25, 2018 meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals. The <br />property is in the Low Density Residential Zoning District, requiring a lot area <br />minimum of 2 acres, frontage of 200 feet, and lot depth of 300 feet. This is a Type I <br />action under the Town of Danby Environmental Review of Actions and an Unlisted <br />action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and is subject to <br />environmental review. <br /> <br />• Project: Second (accessory) Dwelling <br />Location: Nelson Road, Tax Parcel # 6.-1-18.27 <br />Applicant: Jill Rosentel <br />Anticipated Board action(s) this month: Public Hearing; Preliminary and Final <br />Approval <br />Project Description: The Applicant requests the approval of a Special Permit for <br />construction of second dwelling unit in a separate building for permanent