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Approved by ILPC: February 14, 2017 <br />Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission (ILPC) <br />Minutes — January 10, 2017 <br /> <br />Present: <br />Ed Finegan, Chair <br />David Kramer, Vice Chair <br />Stephen Gibian <br /> <br />Jennifer Minner <br />Michael McGandy <br />Seph Murtagh (Common Council Liaison) <br /> <br />Bryan McCracken, Staff <br />Charles Pyott, Staff <br /> <br />Chair Finegan called the meeting to order at 5:25 p.m. <br /> <br />I. PUBLIC HEARING <br /> <br />A. 115 Ridgewood Rd, Cornell Heights Historic District – Proposal to Replace Principal <br />Entrance Door <br /> <br />Applicant David Ruff of Ruff Maintenance and Jim Nagel, a local woodworker, described the <br />details of the proposal, identifying the poor condition and aesthetic quality of the existing door as <br />the primary reasons proposed replacement. The door is held together in several places with 3” <br />screws and its six-panel design does not fit the style of the building. It is assumed the door is not <br />original to the building and was a later addition. The new door would be solid white oak with a <br />glazed upper third and a paneled lower two thirds; a decorative ledge will separate the glazed <br />upper portion from the paneled lower portion. Ruff reported he was unable to find clear <br />documentation of the original appearance of the door. <br /> <br />S. Gibian inquired about the inspiration for door, commenting that its style seems to be more in <br />keeping with the Arts and Crafts mode and not the Colonial-Revival Style of the house. J. Nagel <br />responded that the design is based on other doors in the Cornell Heights neighborhood and the <br />door on his own home, which was constructed around the same time as the subject property. <br /> <br />Public Hearing <br />On a motion by J. Minner, seconded by D. Kramer, Chair Finegan opened the Public Hearing. <br />There being no public comments, the Public Hearing was closed on a motion by D. Kramer, <br />seconded by J. Minner. <br /> <br />M. McGandy agreed with S. Gibian assessment of door design but did not feel the design needed <br />to be changed. <br /> <br />J. Minner commented on the unfortunate lack of information on the original door and stated that <br />the proposed design seems compatible. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION: Moved by M. McGandy, seconded by D. Kramer. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, 115 Ridgewood Road is located within the Cornell Heights Historic District, as <br />designated under Section 228-3 of the City of Ithaca Municipal Code in 1989, and