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Village of Camp �)eigbt!5 <br />MARCHAM HALL <br />836 HANSHAW ROAD <br />ITHACA, NEW YORK 14850 I <br />(607) 257-1238 <br />fax (607) 257-4910 , c <br />REQUEST FORM <br />FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT <br />Date: IMarch 27, 2019 1 <br />Name of Requestor: <br />(Emily Thierfelder j <br />Email Address: <br /> <br />(585-402-7027 <br />Daytime Phone: <br />Mailing Address: <br />1316 S. Clinton St. 2nd floor <br />Syracuse NY 13202 <br />Dear FOIA Officer: <br />This is a request for information filed under the Freedom of Information Act. <br />I wish to inspect the following records: <br />Assessment records (current and historical property cards), building inspection records, fire <br />marshal records, code enforcement records, records of contamination/ cleanup/ remediation, <br />records of environmental concerns/ issues/ violations, records of tank installations/permits/ <br />removals/ closures, records of fires at the site, records of leaks or spills, and waste disposal <br />records. Address: 410 Upland Road E, Cayuga Heights NY Tax ID: 10.-3-5.4 <br />T <br />Requestor s signature <br />Mail this form to the address above or email to clerk(c-t).cavuaa-heiuhts.nv.u_s <br />A&4,�� 3-/2a/l1 <br />ccs Lv/Ij <br />