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34:3 <br />CITY OF ITHACA , NEW YORK <br />Regular Meeting 7:30 P.M. May 2, 1.984 <br />PRESENT: <br />Mayor - Gutenberger <br />Aldermen (10) - Cummings, Dennis, Maine, Hoffman,,, Killeen, <br />Myers, Peterson, Romanowski, Schlather <br />OTHERS PRESENT: <br />City Controller - Spano <br />Personnel Administrator - Shaw <br />Dep. Dir., Planning -- <br />Fire Ch.e.f - Tuckerman <br />avoe Dep. Fire Chief - Reeves <br />Dep. Controller - Cafferillo <br />Building Commissioner - Hoard <br />Corporation Counsel - Stumbar <br />Fire Commissioner - Anderson <br />Purchasing Agent - Clynes <br />BPW Commissioners - Schickel, Nichols <br />Lo City Rep., T.C. Bd. of Representatives - Nichols <br />( City Clerk - Rundle <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />Mayor Gutenberger led all present in the Pledge of Allegiance to <br />CQ the American flag. <br />MINUTES: <br />Alderman Hoffman requested a change in wording of Proceedings of <br />April 4, 1984 as follows: Item C -4. Collegetown Commercial District <br />Rezoning, p. 7. The explanation following the resolution should <br />read, "Alderman Hoffman noted that this resolution was withdrawn <br />because a straw poll taken during discussion on Item C -2 showed <br />insufficient support for Resolution C -4." <br />Alderperson Peterson requested the following addition and correction <br />%awol to the report on Human Services Coalition, p. 19: The phrase "for <br />United Way affiliation" should be added at end of line I following <br />"approved." "Better Housing" in the last sentence should be capi- <br />talized. <br />Resolution <br />By Alderman Killeen: Seconded by Alderman Hoffman <br />RESOLVED, That the minutes of the meetings of March 15, 1984 and <br />April 4, 1984 be approved as amended. <br />Carried Unanimously <br />ADDITIONS OR DELETIONS TO THE AGENDA: <br />Budget and Administration Committee <br />Alderman Dennis requested the removal of Item C. Bid Acceptance for <br />Fire Engine because the Fire Commissioners have rejected all bids. <br />Alderman Dennis requested the addition of a resolution to Item E. <br />Gorge Ranger. <br />No Council member objected. <br />Planning, and Development Committee <br />V-1 rp,l a_;on Cului�lir.�;:> requested deletion of Item h. Fingc, L, 1l .s <br />Park ColnMISSIOn Agreement which wi.17 be brought: bacl to Council at <br />i_t s .June meeting. <br />No Council member objected. <br />New Business <br />Alderman TEfilatlier commented that the resolution in connection with <br />A. Official Meeting Times (summer hours) will be oral. <br />I'l.CI i Irah;`; A!',.i) III' :vI;IN("S) OI <br />fil'Y;11�� .`,Cl:ic'l;c'I, <br />I;I'l1 t,t)II11111�=.:.ICTIICl <br />". <br />i;.l C1IeII1'111ai1 of <br />Vii;, 1`111.(' <br />C0YflC <br />Sttld'�, Conimi.ttee, <br />Yeclttested <br />that tlat• <br />Council stay' <br />lvitll the <br />recommenda- <br />tion n� the stork, <br />committee <br />for 11i-. <br />season, with <br />regard to <br />1:11 e <br />positioIl of, gorge <br />rangel <br />IL c,111 b_ <br />1_ i;,inged, if <br />�:��c.�_��,sary, <br />for neat. <br />near. <br />