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 Minutes of Meeting
 December 30, 2015 In Attendence: Commissioners: Gene Beavers, Skip Fairchild, Carl Seamon, Tod Sukontarak The Meeting commenced at 7:05pm Agenda filling commissioner positions, setting meeting schedules, keeping and posting minutes of meetings, signing vouchers to be presented to Town Board developing infrastructure improvement plans setting an organizational meeting Minutes Tod distributed the list of current commissioners and open positions prepared by Marge Seamon. Gene Beavers’ appt. started in January of 2012 and runs until end of Dec 2016. Jack Hobbie’s appt. began Jan 2013 and runs until the end of 2017 (Jack moved in Sept of 2015 and his position has yet to be filled). John Sill’s appt. began Jan 2014 and runs until the end of 2018 (John was seriously injured in an accident in Sept of 2015 and wishes to be replaced). Skip Fairchild’s appt. began Jan 2015 and runs until the end of 2019. Tod Sukontarak’s appt. began in Jan 2011 and ends Dec 31 2015 (we need to replace him). We discussed courting District residents Denise Ryder and Marrell Cortright to see about their willingness to take Jack position and the new appt. that will run until Dec 31 2020. We determined that if either or both is interested, we would recommend to Town Board to approve their applications. As the business of the Water District does not normally require monthly meetings, we decided to schedule our meeting to occur on a quarterly basis on the second Wed on the months of March, June, September and December. We will schedule additional meeting on an as-need basis. Minutes will be taken and posted on the Town website within two weeks of the meeting. There was some discussion as to where we are required to notify meeting schedules but we plan to determine that and meet the requirements. At minimum, we are going to post on the Town website and the Danby Area News. We briefly discussed addressing our billing structure. This is a topic we’ve talked about in the past but determined should be put off until we completed our new meter installation. The issue is im- plementing a billing structure that encourages water conservation. Our current billing structure re- duces the cost of a gallon of water the more is used. This was based on a more agricultural use com- munity that we no longer have. Billing is a topic that we will address in more detail at a later meeting. Other new business to be addressed is developing a longer term plan for replacing or repairing infrastructure. There is some plumbing in the pump house that could be included in this. We also talked about finding a way to isolate the chlorine gas that causes pipe deterioration. Tod is going to research this and put the results on the agenda of a future meeting. We set the date of Jan 13, 7pm at the West Danby Fire Station for our next meeting to discuss these longer term plans and projects. Adjournment We adjourned the meeting at 7:35pm West Danby Water District_Minutes_20151230 Page ! of ! 1 2 !!!! ____________________________________ Tod Sukontarak West Danby Water District_Minutes_20151230 Page ! of ! 2 2