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 Minutes of Meeting
 December 19, 2013 In Attendance: Commissioners: Gene and Mary Beavers, Jack Hobbie, Skip Fairchild, Tod Sukontarak, John Sill Engineer: David Herrick Code Officer: Matt Cooper Agenda specifications for the tank replacement bid proposals new well pump installation new service connection issues on Station Road excess consumption replacing water meters Minutes Dave opened the meeting by providing handouts of the specs for bid proposals of the tank re - placement. -we talked about the need for electrical service to be supplied at the site not just down on the hill -this is related to running 5hp motor for water circulation in the tank -we are going to talk to Dick about running some pvc to extend the service to the site once Dave lets us know how much electricity will be required -we will find out how big the circuit currently is -we need to locate the no.8 hydrant on Maple Ave of page 'C201' from Dave's handouts New well pump installation -Dave handed out a proposal from 2009 that gave cost estimates for installing a second pump at that time -we discussed why we didn't include that in the original project proposal then and remembered that it was because we were afraid of asking for too much -it was decided that Matt would see if we could ask for more money now from the CDBG, knowing that it is very unlikely but hopefully won't hurt to ask Dave and Matt left at this point as this was the end of the portion of the meeting that pertained to them. There is an issue with the water service on the property north of Evelyn Hendricks that has been new- ly purchased. -the new owner wants to build on the site and would like to tap into the existing branch line that runs west to 34/96 and serves the Campbell residence -we discussed it and felt that since Campbell paid to have that line installed we may not have right to permit someone else to tap into it -there is also the issue of its dimension being large enough to serve two households -we determined that it would be the responsibility of the new owner to discuss with the Campbells whether they could tap, otherwise, they'd have to excavate a new branch to their residence.
 West Danby Water District_Minutes_20131219 Page ! of ! 1 2 ! Replacing water meters -Carl proposed that Tod be paid $25/hour to replace the meters -for liability issues, we determined only people who are already on the town payroll could assist un- less they are an insurance holding contractor ! Excess water consumption ! -wasn't really discussed as a stand alone issue but was relevant to the discussion on water circulation in the tank. !! Adjournment The Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm. !!!!!!! ____________________________________ Tod Sukontarak West Danby Water District_Minutes_20131219 Page ! of ! 2 2