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 Minutes of Meeting
 Februrary 26, 2014 In Attendence: Commissioners: Gene and Mary Beavers, Jack Hobbie, Skip Fairchild, Matt Cooper, Tod Sukontarak Engineer: David Herrick Agenda Dave's update on the Community Block Grant Project's progress, Potential of pursuing installing a new pump and well close to the existing ones Spending District money to rebuild the 15 hp motor removed from the pump house last month Attending the Rural Water Workshop at Turning Stone resort from 4/14 to 4/17/14 Minutes Dave was contacted by Cindy Lusk of Aquastore to inform him that stainless steel tanks can't be said to adhere to any AWWA standards as was written in the bid proposal specs published in the Itha- ca Journal on the 14th of Feb. She went on to say that she didn't feel her company could submit a proposal given stainless steel was written in the proposal specs as she thought there is no way she get the bid as the stainless steel bid would come in 30% less expensive although of inferior quality. Dave said that he would seek the opinion of Frank Kurtz, an engineer representing AWWA to see if there is no standard for stainless steel in potable water tank applications. If it is true that a standard does not exist, Dave could write an amendment to the bid proposal to include stainless but make it clear they are not equal products. This will not delay the project bid opening of 3/19/14 at 2pm in the Danby Town Hall. We discussed having to locate and exercise the valves to the lines leading to our hydrants prior to their replacement. It is not something that has to be done immediately but we will want to do it well before that work begins. We talked at length about the possibility of establishing a second well and pump in our existing aquifer to relieve the potential of down time associated with pump or motor problems in the future. The issues are to pursue such immediately and use our still-active income survey to try to secure funding or to wait to have an aquifer study done that would possibly identify an adjacent aquifer and pursue putting in a second well and pump there. The second option would comply with the DOH rec- ommendation of having a second well from a different source that would alleviate a source water con- tamination event in our current aquifer. The discussion resulted in our deciding to wait for the county to continue to do their aquifer study work and use the results from that to determine whether we want to pursue putting in a well at a different source. If it turns out that a second source well in not feasible but we want to install a new pump and well at the existing site, we will think about funding that at the time of the decision. The current estimate is for that work to cost approximately $70K. Since we will need a 1/2 to 3/4 hp pump at the tank to install a tank water mixer, we will need single phase electricity up to the tank. Originally we thought we'd need 3 phase as we thought the mixer would require a 5 hp motor. The mixer is included in the bid proposal and will add between $12 and 15 K to the price.
 West Danby Water District_Minutes_2014 Page ! of ! 1 2 ! The commissioners agreed with Tod's suggestion that he be funded to attend the 4-day NY Rural Water Workshop at Turning Stone starting on 4/14/14. Mary, Skip and Jack all expressed interest in taking the Class C water operator training. Carl found a forester who could walk the district's woodlot to estimate for harvesting timber. Carl proposed exchanging operator roles with Tod. The commissioners agreed as did Tod. We talked about what sort of warranty we could get for having Auburn Armature rebuild our pump motor. The concern is that it will be rebuilt, come back here and potentially sit on a shelf for years then not work when it is installed. We want to make sure it is bench tested there after rebuilding and to know when the warranty actually takes effect. !! Adjournment The Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm. !!!!!!! ____________________________________ Tod Sukontarak West Danby Water District_Minutes_2014 Page ! of ! 2 2