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 Minutes of Meeting
 December 11, 2014 In Attendence: Commissioners: Gene Beavers, Jack Hobbie, Skip Fairchild, Carl Seamon, Tod Sukontarak The Meeting commenced at 7:35pm Agenda The meeting's agenda was to discuss and compare the two estimates to repair the leaking pump within the constraints of a 4-day maximum pump down time and completion date not to exceed Jan- uary 16, 2015. The estimates came from Moody and Associates, Inc. and Adhan Piping Co., Inc. Minutes Having read the estimates prior to the meeting, we all agreed that Moody's was the company we thought could do the job in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We noted that their estimate specifically states; “pull the existing oil lubricated vertical turbine pump from your well and install the spare pump that exists in storage at your facility.” Carl and Tod met with Moody technicians and discussed their plan to ensure pump down time would not exceed 4 days. Carl described the plan as Moody bringing a submersible pump to install in the event there is a problem installing the backup pump. Tod said that in speaking with the office per- sonnel, that plan was confirmed. It was also noted that the Moody estimate included paying NY pre- vailing wages. In order to ensure the work would be completed by Jan 16, Tod has already scheduled with Moody to begin work on the 5th. This was not a binding contract if our meeting determined we wanted to go with Adhan. The Adhan proposal although on paper is less expensive per hour, Gene noted that their cost could easily exceed that of Moody as the work described is not specific. We discussed the options on it and thought them too vague and indicative of some inexperience with this sort of job. Carl and Tod met representatives from each company and both thought the Moody reps were more professional and generally knowledgeable about the job. We were unanimous in our recommen- dation to use Moody and Associates to repair our pump. When the discussion of the pump repair was complete, Gene suggested seeing if there is still time and money in the grant to fund replacing the pump house metal doors and jambs that are deteriorating badly. Tod said that he would mention this to Matt to see if it is something that could be included in the end of grant funding. ! Adjournment We adjourned the meeting at 8:05pm !!!! ____________________________________ Tod Sukontarak West Danby Water District_Minutes_2014 Page ! of ! 1 1