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Approved by ILPC: March 8, 2016 <br /> <br /> <br />1 of 15 <br />Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission (ILPC) <br />Minutes — February 9, 2016 <br /> <br />Present: <br />Ed Finegan, Chair <br />David Kramer, Vice Chair <br />Michael McGandy, Second Vice Chair <br />Susan Stein <br />Stephen Gibian <br /> <br />Jennifer Minner <br />Katelin Olson <br />Seph Murtagh (Common Council <br />Liaison) <br />Bryan McCracken, Staff <br />Charles Pyott, Staff <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Chair Finegan called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m. <br /> <br />I. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> <br />A. 228 Wait Ave., Cornell Heights Historic District ― Proposal to Install Section of Wood Fence <br />Applicants David Fernandez and Christian A. Gruber, Cayuga Landscape Company, described the <br />details of the proposal, noting the proposed fence would generally not be visible to the public and would <br />also include plantings to soften its appearance. <br /> <br />D. Kramer responded it is a nice proposal. K. Olson agreed. <br /> <br />Public Hearing <br />On a motion by S. Stein, seconded by M. McGandy, Chair Finegan opened the Public Hearing. There <br />being no public comments, the Public Hearing was closed on a motion by D. Kramer, seconded by S. <br />Stein. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION: Moved by K. Olson, seconded by D. Kramer. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, 228 Wait Ave. is located within the Cornell Heights Historic District, as designated under <br />Section 228-3 of the City of Ithaca Municipal Code in 1989, and as listed on the New <br />York State and National Registers of Historic Places in 1989, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, as set forth in Section 228-4 of the Municipal Code, an Application for a Certificate of <br />Appropriateness, dated January 14, 2016, was submitted for review to the Ithaca <br />Landmarks Preservation Commission (ILPC) by Christian A. Gruber on behalf of <br />property owner Cornell University, Office of Campus Housing, including the following: <br />(1) two narratives respectively titled Description of Proposed Change(s) and Reasons for <br />Changes(s); (2) a narrative titled “Work Proposal – Site Improvements;” and (3) a site <br />plan and elevation illustrating the proposed changes, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the ILPC has reviewed the New York State Building-Structure Inventory Form for 228 <br />Wait Ave., and the City of Ithaca’s Cornell Heights Historic District Summary Statement, <br />and <br />