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. PLANNING BOARD MINUTES <br />FEBRUARY 17, 2004 <br />APPROVED MARCH 2, 2004 <br />Chairperson Wilcox read the Fire Exit Regulations to those assembled, as <br />required by the New York State Department of State, Office of Fire Prevention <br />and Control. <br />Chairperson Wilcox — Larry, is it your birthday today? <br />Board Member Thayer — How did you know that? <br />Chairperson Wilcox — Casey Stevens. Happy Birthday. <br />Board Member Thayer — Thank you. <br />Chairperson Wilcox — I would like to point out that David Dubow is with us from <br />Barney, Grossman, Dubow and Marcus, and he will be acting as the Town <br />Attorney this evening. We welcome him. I would like to remind those of us up <br />here in front to please speak in the microphones and speak clearly so that <br />members of the public and the applicant can hear us as best as possible. Having <br />said that the first item on this evening's agenda is persons to be heard. <br />AGENDA ITEM: PERSONS TO BE HEARD <br />Chairperson Wilcox opened this segment of the meeting at 7:10 p.m., <br />if there was any member of the public who wished to be heard. With <br />present to be heard, Chairperson Wilcox closed this segment of the <br />7:12 p.m. <br />Male — I would just like to ask a question if I may. <br />Chairperson Wilcox — Please do. <br />Board Member Hoffmann — He has to come to the microphone. <br />Chairperson Wilcox — Go ahead, ask the question. <br />and asked <br />no persons <br />meeting at <br />Board Member Hoffmann — But you have to come to the microphone, otherwise <br />we won't get proper minutes. I would like to emphasize to everyone who is <br />speaking tonight that you have to speak into the microphones and you have to <br />.carry that little portable microphone with you when you go over to drawings and <br />such because we have had too many instances of it not being recorded. <br />Male — I think this is a live one. Can you hear me <br />Merritt. I reside on 127 Woolf Lane in the Town of <br />the serious matter concerning the rezoning of the <br />Road. And my question... <br />Chairperson Wilcox — Sir? <br />okay? My name is Sydney <br />Ithaca. I am here tonight on <br />land at 1290 Trumansburg <br />2 <br />