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<br /> 2 <br />occupancy on the 12.345-acre lot. The project is located in the Low Density <br />Residential zone. This is a Type II action under the Town of Danby Environmental <br />Quality Review and State Environmental Quality Review Act. <br /> <br />6. Planning & Zoning Report <br />7. Zoning Audit review <br />8. Items for next agenda <br />9. Adjournment <br />• All agenda items are for consideration and are not final until voted on by the Board. <br />As a Planning Board, we want to know what residents have to say. The time set aside for this <br />is at the beginning of the meeting during 'Privilege of the Floor.' This time to speak is a <br />privilege – not a right – and while we realize that residents are sometimes passionate about an <br />issue, we insist that the tone and content of your remarks be civil and respectful. If these <br />guidelines are not adhered to, you will be asked to sit down and remain silent. Once the <br />meeting moves past Privilege of the Floor, we are still interested in what you have to say, but <br />please be aware that your comments or questions during this part of the meeting can be <br />entertained only if time permits. Please wait to be recognized by the Chair before speaking. If <br />you wish to comment or ask a question during the regular part of our meeting, we ask that <br />your comments pertain to the subject at hand, and again we insist that they be civil and <br />respectful. <br /> <br /> Access to public documents is available online at: <br /> <br />Planning Board agendas <br /> <br /> <br />Planning Board minutes <br /> <br /> <br />Planning Board submittals <br />