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Approved by the Planning Board on 2/28/2017 <br /> <br /> <br />1 <br />Planning & Development Board <br />Minutes <br />January 24, 2017 <br /> <br />Board Members Attending: Garrick Blalock, Chair; Mark Darling (Board of Public Works <br />Liaison); Jack Elliott, Matthew Johnston; Robert Aaron Lewis; <br />McKenzie Jones-Rounds; John Schroeder <br /> <br />Board Members Absent: None <br /> <br />Board Vacancies: None. <br /> <br />Staff Attending: JoAnn Cornish, Director, Division of Planning & Economic <br />Development; <br />Lisa Nicholas, Senior Planner, Division of Planning & Economic <br />Development; <br /> <br />Applicants Attending: Amici House at 661-711 Spencer Road <br />Tom Schickel, Schickel Architecture <br /> <br />City Centre at Trebloc Building Site <br />Scott Whitham, Whitham Planning & Design, LLC; <br />Yamila Fournier, Whitham Planning & Design, LLC; <br />John Nicolich, Newman Development Group; <br />Sean Bell, Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. <br /> <br />College Townhouse Project at 119, 121, & 125 College <br />Avenue <br />Kathryn Wolf, Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects, LLP; <br />Alan Chimacoff, ikon.5 architects; <br />Phil Proujansky, Owner; <br />John Novarr, Owner <br /> <br />Apartments at 126 College Ave. <br />Noah Demarest, STREAM Collaborative <br /> <br />Apartments at 210 Linden Avenue <br />Noah Demarest, STREAM Collaborative <br /> <br />Apartments at 107 South Albany Street (Sketch Plan) <br />Dan Hirtler, Architect; <br />Nick Stavropoulos, Owner <br /> <br />Parking at 821 Cliff Street <br />John Barradas, Architect