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2 <br />Common Council Meeting Minutes May 4, 2016 <br /> Residential Credit <br /> The User Fee Credit is not available for Single Family and Duplex <br />properties. This excludes the segment of Ithaca’s community who owns <br />their home and thinks a lot about stormwater impacts and remediation. <br />There is no recognition for the public community who cares. The CAC <br />recommends consideration of a full Fee Credit for homeowners who can <br />demonstrate effective stormwater management practices on their parcel. <br /> <br />Discussion followed on the floor regarding the logistics and feasibility of these <br />recommendations. <br /> <br />Alderpersons Brock and McGonigal thanked the CAC for the incredible amount of <br />energy and attention that was given to this issue. Alderperson Brock noted that she <br />would like staff to have an opportunity to review and respond to the draft report. <br /> <br />PETITIONS AND HEARINGS OF PERSONS BEFORE COUNCIL: <br />The following people addressed Common Council: <br /> <br />Lane Woods, City of Ithaca, submitted a petition with 57 signatures on it regarding the <br />safety of children, seniors, and disabled residents living at the Stone Quarry <br />Apartments, 400 Spencer Road. They are requesting that the City construct a safe <br />walkway from their apartment complex to South Meadow Street. <br /> <br />Rick Manning, Town of Ithaca, Friends of Stewart Park, highlighted amenities that have <br />been purchased as a result of the Day of Giving, such as the Mayors bench on the <br />Cayuga Waterfront Trail. He further voiced his support for the proposed Waterfowl <br />Ordinance stating that it is a common sense first step; however, the situation needs a <br />thoughtful solution and he looks forward to the development of a more in depth plan. <br /> <br />Neil Golder, City of Ithaca, addressed issues surrounding Collegetown Development <br />and specifically the proposed apartment building at 201 College Avenue. He stated that <br />the proposal is inappropriate for the neighborhood as the building would completely <br />dwarf the surrounding houses including two houses with historic designations. He <br />requested that the Collegetown design standards be implemented before this project <br />receives the necessary approvals. <br /> <br />David Nutter, City of Ithaca, spoke in opposition to the proposed Waterfowl Ordinance, <br />stating that it was too broad as many species of birds are located in Stewart Park. He <br />suggested that if goose droppings are the issue, that can be addressed in different <br />ways. He believes that this is not sensible way to manage geese, and that the City <br />needs to do their part in habitat modification to change waterfowl behavior. <br /> <br />Joel Harlan, Town of Newfield addressed the proposed Waterfowl Ordinance, <br />Collegetown development, and fire safety concerns. <br /> <br />PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR – COMMON COUNCIL AND THE MAYOR: <br />Mayor Myrick welcomed Ms. Woods to the City and thanked her for speaking on this <br />important issue. He explained that the Engineering Division is currently working on a <br />re-design of the roadway and intersection in that area. <br /> <br />He further thanked Mr. Manning for coming to the meeting and for the Mayors bench <br />newly located on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail. <br /> <br />Alderperson Martell thanked Mr. Nutter for his comments and clarified that she is not <br />trying to vilify geese, she’s looking for ways that the City can try to cohabitate with them. <br /> <br />Alderperson McGonigal thanked Ms. Woods for her comments and noted that he and <br />Alderperson Brock have been working with residents and staff on ways to re-route traffic <br />in that area.