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COMMON COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS <br />CITY OF ITHACA, NEW YORK <br /> <br />Regular Meeting 6:00 p.m. May 4, 2016 <br /> <br />PRESENT: <br />Mayor Myrick <br />Alderpersons (8) Brock, McGonigal, Murtagh, Nguyen, Gearhart Fleming, <br /> Kerslick, Martell <br /> <br />EXCUSED: <br />Alderpersons Mohlenhoff, Smith <br /> <br />OTHERS PRESENT: <br />City Clerk – Conley Holcomb <br />City Attorney – Lavine <br />City Controller – Thayer <br />Building - Planning & Development Director – Cornish <br />City Planner - Nicholas <br />Superintendent of Public Works – Thorne <br />Asst. Supt. of Water & Sewer - Whitney <br />Human Resources Director – Michell-Nunn <br />Fire Chief – Parsons <br />GIAC Director – McBean-Clairborne <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: <br />Mayor Myrick led all present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. <br /> <br />PROCLAMATIONS/AWARDS: <br />Presentation of “Giving is Gorges Day” Proclamation <br />Mayor Myrick proclaimed May 4, 2016 as Giving is Gorges Day in the City of Ithaca and <br />encouraged everyone to make a donation to their favorite non-profit organization by <br />visiting <br /> <br />SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS BEFORE COUNCIL: <br />5.1 Conservation Advisory Council Presentation on Their Draft Report <br />Regarding Storm Water by Chair Jesse Hill <br />Jesse Hill, Chair of the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) provided an overview of <br />the duties and membership of the CAC and explained their role in the project review <br />process. <br /> <br />The CAC reviewed several chapters of the City Code and identified areas where <br />legislation could be strengthened in order to meet the City’s goal of mitigating the <br />negative impacts of storm water runoff. The CAC identified the following potential <br />additions and/or changes to the Stormwater User Fee to develop incentives for best <br />management practices: <br /> <br /> High Risk Areas <br />The City Flood zone and Floodways are defined according to FEMA <br />maps. These areas require good stormwater management. The Utility <br />Fee rates can be increased at properties in a Flood zone and/or with <br />steep slopes to provide clear incentive for best practices at High-Risk <br />locations. They can also be eligible to earn a greater Fee Credit to use <br />against good stormwater design construction costs. NYSDEC additional <br />language on Flooding may be used as supportive ordinances for this <br />section and entitle the City to its own credit through insurance (FIRM) <br />rebates. <br />