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344 -2- May 2, 1984 <br />He pointed out the problems _involved if the recommendation is changed <br />to two persons as proposed by the Budget and Administration Committee. <br />Eric Lerner, 504 Plain Street., spoke to the Council, requesting <br />support for a proposal to New York State for funds which are available <br />for locally based programs to assist crime victims. He is- preparing <br />an application for such aid and explained that the program is not <br />primarily financial assistance; but tvotad i_nc:1_ude emotjo)jal support, <br />counselling, referral, information, assistance with practical problems <br />and probably a good deal more, depending upon the problems and ghat <br />they can do to help. He answered questions of Council, and assured <br />them that this program would not duplicate the services of Ithaca Rap(. <br />Crisis and the Task Force for Battered Women.. <br />Six Mile Creek_ <br />The following persons addressed the Council, speaking in opposition <br />to the creation of a position of deputized gorge ranger: <br />David Price, 425 Hillview Place <br />John Booker, 308 Eastwood Avenue <br />Frank Moon, 507 Turner Place <br />Alan Diefenbach, 117 Ithaca Road <br />Dan Peterson, 110 Dey Street <br />David Ruether, 1191 E. Shore Drive <br />Richard Ginn, 511 Willow Avenue <br />John Aldridge, 523 Buffalo Street <br />Will Burbank, 222 Utica Street <br />Curtis Tanner, 119 Snyder Hill Road. <br />Claudia Weisburd, 167 Calkins Road, a property owner adjacent to <br />the Six Mile Creek watershed, voiced her concern regarding the <br />impact that it would have on the Tot•m resicjeni s by opening up this <br />area to the public. She suggested some serious review of the <br />environmental impact on this area should be made. <br />REPORT OF BOARD OF REPRESENTATIVES: <br />City Rep. Nic old— s reported on the following items: <br />Sale of Old Hospital: This project is moving along; there were some <br />small land swaps to permit the access road to go where they <br />would like it to go. <br />Procedure for Selecting a new Commissioner of Social Services: A <br />new procedure was established the day before. At the May 22nd <br />meeting a list of questions will be drawn up which will be used <br />for all of the final candidates. Interviews will be conducted <br />by the entire 15- member Board of Representatives following the <br />screening by the Selection Committee. <br />Reorganization of Social Service area: Social Services would like <br />to redesign and have a larger area. They have negotiated with <br />a private landlord but have not yet finalized a plan for their <br />use of part of this building. Mrs. Nichols suggested to the <br />Council that a little communication might help speed this along. <br />Jail Site: The site chosen on Clinton Street needs a fair amount of <br />preparation of the subsoil. The architect submitted a report <br />saying that possibly one -half million dollars would have to be <br />spent in order to build a on -story building on the site. it <br />turned out that many of the expenses in the report were expenses' <br />that would be required any place. The additional cost may be <br />about $200,000. Mrs. Nichols suggested that the City Planning <br />Department might be of help in their decisions. <br />Program for Care of Infants: The T.C. Health Committee ha-s approved <br />and applied for a grant for a program to assess needs of infants <br />in this county and Schuyler County. Also, there has been <br />considerable discussion of long -term care for elderly persons <br />(or rfeecls 1,11►ich arc not currently being met. <br />loh 'Training Plan Act: The Count- approved building some partitions <br />in t}hc CI:�C hlii; to prox-i_de more privacy for counselors who <br />