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<br />EXHIBIT 2017-061 page 1 of 5 <br /> <br />Minutes VILLAGE OF CAYUGA HEIGHTS Monday, September 19, 2016 <br />Marcham Hall BOARD OF TRUSTEES 7:00 p.m. <br />MONTHLY MEETING <br /> <br />Present: Mayor Woodard; Trustees: Friend, Marshall, and Salton; Police Chief Steinmetz; Clerk & Treasurer Mangione; and <br />Attorney Marcus (Trustee Biloski arrives at 8:00 p.m., Trustee McMurry takes oath during meeting) <br /> <br />Absent: Trustee Robinson, Superintendent of Public Works Cross <br /> <br />Call to Order: Mayor Woodard calls the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br />A decision is made to move to Agenda item #6. Bill Goodman, Town of Ithaca Supervisor; Jack Rueckheim, former <br />Bolton Point General Manager, and Joan Foote, current General Manager are attending in order to discuss proposed <br />changes to the Agreement of Municipal Cooperation (AMC). Supervisor Goodman, Mr. Rueckheim and Mayor Woodard <br />are Bolton Point Commissioners. <br /> <br />6. Southern Cayuga Lake Intermunicipal Water Commission: Agreement of Municipal Cooperation (AMC) Proposed <br />Changes (Exhibit 2017-054) The complete AMC is available on the Bolton Point (BP) website. <br /> <br />Village Attorney Marcus has reviewed the proposed changes and is comfortable with the Terms of Agreement. Supervisor <br />Goodman presents a brief background on BP and the AMC. One reason for the proposed revisions is to update the <br />document incorporating existing supplements and amendments. A committee, chaired by H. Michael Newman from th e <br />Village of Lansing, has been working to include these modifications into one document for the last few years. The AMC <br />was written in the ‘70s. Questions relating to item #12 of the Proposed Changes are discussed. <br /> The Town of Ithaca is currently the agent municipality; it reviews all vouchers; checks are signed by Supervisor <br />Goodman. A unanimous vote continues to be required for changing the agent municipality, water rate and structure <br />changes, AMC modification, and decisions for arbitration. An amendment to the AMS is proposed requiring a majority <br />vote instead of a unanimous vote for addition of a non-member municipality. For example, if a non-member municipality <br />wants to purchase water from Bolton Point as a customer of the system and the water passes through a member <br />municipality which is willing to sell the water, unanimity would not be required for an agreement to sell water to that non- <br />member municipality. Currently the Town of Ithaca sells Bolton Point water to the Town of Ulysses. The Commission <br />strives for consensus in all matters, however there are many matters that currently require a simple majority. Mr. <br />Goodman confirmed that unanimous agreement would continue to be required to add a municipality as a member of <br />Bolton Point. Prior to approval of the proposed AMC changes, all member municipalities will have an opportunity to <br />review, question, and suggest modification(s). Once a final draft is drawn, the Board of Trustees will be asked to <br />reconsider the changes and vote on them. <br />7. Cayuga Heights Fire Company Annual Fundraising Letter (Exhibit 2017-056) <br />Resolution #7886 <br />BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the Village of Cayuga Heights Board of Trustees approves the 2016 Cayuga Heights Fire <br />Company Annual Fundraising Letter as presented in Exhibit 2017-056 for distribution to residents. <br /> <br />Motion: Trustee Salton <br />Second: Trustee Marshall <br />Ayes: Mayor Woodard; Trustees Friend, Marshall, and Salton <br />Nays and Abstentions: none <br />Motion carried <br /> <br />8. Privilege of the Floor <br /> <br />Mr. Ronald Bors and his wife have lived on Texas Lane for 41 years. He commends the Board of Trustees on the results <br />of the Whitetail deer population management program and urges continuation of the program until the recommended herd <br />size is reached. Results are already noticeable. It was with great delight and surprise that the Bors noted the return of day <br />lilies and hosta which were totally absent from the landscape for the past 15 years. Before the deer herd population got out <br />of hand, they had these plants in profusion. He commends the Board for its persistence and recognizes that it has not been <br />easy. <br />