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Village of Cayuga Heights <br />Zoning Board ofAppeals <br />Application Fonn <br />@ <br />CheakAll ThatApolv: <br />K.Aru" Variance <br />_'Use Variance <br />_ Interpretation Request <br />For <br />DateReceived <br />CashorCheck, <br />i <br />I <br />,lit <br />I <br />Property address:Taxparcel: <br />Zoning Officer' s determination: <br />/1 ,M/af Ql. nt /6 <br />6, <br />vanance or <br />Reason(s) that the requested variance or interpretdion should be granted: <br />,/ ' See attached page for the criteria that the ZBA must use. " Use additional sheets if necessary. <br />-3s.r-r€ 15 lS e B,^3"( tltand <br />Tti'e t- Ara rNn <br />(b4Aes ,To arTukf€ 'fi4€ /r4 KrN Ltt/ix{7 S(fr,€, tlnrl To rtwo <br />\,llN of rll4ylwtT"l (A^ID ry ltu <br />So CsvfrrlW{S f-o leW(f Uutrf onf fe"^t{ 5u2€. Se:a t-r{ftr-,/leV. <br />Pleane attach any additional inforrration that will help the BA, to evaluate your appeal, <br />such as a narrativeo survey map, photoi, building plrrns, etc. <br />By liling this application, you grant permission for Village of Cayuga Heights ZBA <br />Members and Yillage Stafrto enteryour property for inspections related to your appeaL <br />Owner/Applicant:C ft&ar, 4t€ O'DoNNSL-L- <br />Signifure: H Date: <br /> <br /> <br /> address: <br />Ig lvq tb