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lf illcgr of @uguga Tfrfigl7tz <br />MARCHAM HALL <br />836 HANSHAW ROAD <br />ITHACA, NEWYORK 14850 <br />(607) 257-1238 <br />fax (607) 257-4910 <br />ZONING OFFICER'S REPORT <br />June 10,2016 <br />ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS <br />Brent A. Cross, Zoning Officer <br />117 Cayuga Park Road <br />A zoning permit application to construct a new two-story addition at the above referenced <br />property has been denied. The proposed addition would have a 10' rear yard setback, which is' <br />less than minimum 15' required by the Village of Cayuga Heights Zoning Ordinance Section 6: <br />Yard Requirements. The owner is seeking a variance to allow the reduced setback, therefore a <br />public hearing has been scheduled for 8:00 pm on June 22th, 2016 at Marcham Hall, 836 <br />Hanshaw Road. <br />The following is a list of property owners within 200' of the applicant's property that will receive a <br />copy of this report by mail: <br />7.-4-10 <br />7.-4-6 <br />7.-4-9 <br />1An <br />7.-4-8.2 <br />7.-4-8.1 <br />9.-2-L <br />9.-2-2 <br />9.-r-3.2 <br />9.-1-3.1 <br />6.-11-10 <br />6.-1t-9 <br />Supron, Steve <br />Shealy Kathleen <br />Evelyn,D&Weinraub,J <br />Vaysburd, Alexey & Yevgeniya <br />Braddock,J&Kalas,R <br />Schwartz, P & Kallenberg, C <br />Kraus, Marc & Gelzer, Anna <br />Katherine Barna Rev Trust <br />Collyer, Barbara U D <br />Cornell University <br />Kiefer, Jack C. & Dooley S. <br />Detert, James & Natalie <br />Kate Supron, Mayor <br />Mary E Mills, Clerk <br />Angela M Podufalski, Deputy Clerk <br />Joan M Mangione, Treasurer <br />Brent A Cross, Engineer <br />DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />RE: <br />REPORT: <br />125 Cayuga Park Rd <br />640 Highland Rd <br />121Cayuga park Rd <br />638 Highland Rd <br />117 Cayuga Park Rd <br />636 Highland Rd <br />634 Highland Rd <br />630 Highland Rd <br />120 Caytga Park Rd <br />5l I Cayuga Heights Rd <br />629 Highland Rd <br />627 Highland Rd <br />File:ZR062216braddock