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DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />RE: <br />REPORT: <br />l$illugr of @uguga TfrciglTtz <br />MARCHAM HALL <br />836 HANSHAW ROAD <br />ITHACA, NEWYORK 14850 <br />(607) 257-1238 <br />fax (607) 257-4910 <br />Kate Supron, Mayor <br />Mary E Mills, Clerk <br />Angela M Podufalski, Deputy Clerk <br />Joan M Mangione, Treasurer <br />Brent A Cross, Engineer <br />ZONING OFFICER'S REPORT <br />May 25, 2016 <br />ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS <br />Brent A. Cross, Zoning Officer <br />1001 Highland Road <br />A zoning permit application to allow the above referenced property to be subdivided has been <br />denied. Although the remaining lot, with the existing house, would be fully compliant with all <br />zoning regulations such as size, coverage and setbacks, the new lot would only have an <br />average width of 98.2' and average depth of 143.3', which are less than minimum average width <br />of 125' and average depth of 150' as required by the Village of Cayuga Heights Zoning <br />Ordinance Section 7a: Lot Size. Therefore the owner is seeking a variance to allow the reduced <br />lot widthldepth, for which a public hearing has been scheduled for 7:15 pm on June 6th, 2016 at <br />Marcham Hall. 836 Hanshaw Road. <br />Such a project is also subject to review by the Planning Board as a minor subdivision. A <br />preliminary meeting was conducted at which time the Planning Board assumed the role as lead <br />agency and reviewed the SEQR Short EnvironmentalAssessment form. They determined that <br />the project (subdivision of land) had no negative environmental impacts. Such declaration shall <br />be used by the ZBA during its consideration of the requested variance(s). <br />The following is a list of property owners within 200' of the applicant's property that will receive a <br />copy of this report by mail: <br />2.-7-5 Pegram, Zachary & Nina 1010 Highland Rd <br />2.-7-L0 Magre, Lodewijk & Beatrice 228 Berkshire Rd <br />2.-7-6 Ellis, Joseph K & Elizabeth N 1006 Highland Rd <br />2.-7-9 Jewell, William J & Marlene J 230 Berkshire Rd <br />2.-7-7 Augusta, V & Clark, M 1@4 Highland Rd <br />2.-7-8 Phoenix, Stuart L 91-4 Highland Rd <br />2.-5-L3 Bass, A & Marchaterre, M 1005 Highland Rd <br />2.-5-L2 Lennox, David & Lisa Jeney 1@l Highland Rd <br />2.-5-4 Reitenbach Marilyn 224 Highgate Rd <br />2.-5-5 Kyong, Oo-Hyon & Song-Ja 220 Highgate Rd <br />2.-5-6.1 Hostetler, Michael 124 Remington Rd E <br />2.-5-6.2 Vallejo, M & Poelling, T 216 Highgate Rd <br />z.-S-tL Gazit, Liran & Hadas 122 Remington Rd E <br />2.-5-8 Deerhawnlthaca-1, LLC 210 Highgate Rd <br />2.-GI Hicks, Nancy L 125 Remington Rd E <br />2.-G2 Rassnick, Kenneth & Nishi l2l Remington Rd E <br />2.-G4 Fenwick, Lisa C 915 Highland Rd <br />ZR052516lennoxFile: