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BA Application Fee: $100 Check All That Apply: J{ Area Variance Use Variance _Interpretation Request Village of Cayuga Heights Zoning Board of Appeals Application Form For Office Use Only Date Received ________ _ Cash or Check ________ _ Zoning District ________ _ Applicable Section(s) of Village Code: <br />Property address: ~/ Z,, /htl(5/btfuJ t(} Tax parcel: / Z -/ -3 <br />Zoning officer's determination: ffijlfty;/v!J &; r ff/JC('? ~ 0 t; 11 s {_£~ <br />nd1tJJ Z-2 1 5~/!Jt&illlft(> <br />Req@ interpretation: -------------------- <br />Reason(s) that the requested variance or interpretation should be granted: <br />0 See attached page for the criteria that the ZBA must use. 0 Use additional sheets if necessary. <br />Please attach any additional information that will help the ZBA to evaluate your appeal, <br />such as a narrative, survey map, photos, building plans, etc. <br />By filing this application, you grant permission for Village of Cayuga Heights ZBA <br />Members and Village Staff to enter your property for inspections related to your appeal. <br />:::p-li-ca_n_t=~=~~~~~~--:~t:J~:~~~~Lc~~--"2.---"'_-N~~e~-·,_,~-'/f--~~~=-D-a-te_:_S-_ji_1..._-Z,_A_'/_l <br />Phone number(s): ---~~S___,]~/__,_____,,_:\Jl---'{~_,,.2'----------- <br />Email address: __ e_c._~-----""'-( --"Q= ______ &-"----r_N-'--~__._._I, _~dt--=-q ___ _