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DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />RE: <br />REPORT: <br />l$illage sf (0oguga {freigl1tz <br />MARCHAM HALL <br />836 HANSHAW ROAD Kate Supron, Nflayor <br />rrHAcA' NEWY.RK 14850 <br />Angera * ,"or#Sfr E$ljit 3i:i[ <br />(607) 257-1238 Joan M Mangione, Treasurer <br />fax (607) 257-4910 Brent A Cross, Englineer <br />ZONING OFFICER'S REPORT <br />May 25, 2016 <br />ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS <br />Brent A. Cross, Zoning Officer <br />113-115 Cayuga Heights Road <br />A zoning permit application to allow new 8' high fence(s) to be erected at the above referenced <br />addresses has been denied. The fence is proposed to be located at 7'from the front property <br />line on the Kline Road side, and 17'from the front property line on the Cayuga Heights Road <br />side, which are less than the 25' setback as required by Section 6 of the Village of tOayuga <br />Heights Zoning Ordinance. <br />The owner is seeking a variance to allow the reduced front yard setback(s). (17' setback on the <br />Cayuga Heights Road side occurs on both 113-115 properties). Therefore, a public hearing has <br />been scheduled for 7:00 pm on June 6'n, 2016 at Marcham Hall, 836 Hanshaw Road, to <br />consider an area variance for the non-compliance. The following is a list of property owners <br />within 200' of the applicant's property that will receive a copy of this report by mail: <br />13.-5-5 <br />L3.-2-7 <br />13.-2-6 <br />13.-2-5 <br />15.-5-1.2 <br />1"5.-5-1.1 <br />1s.-s-L.3 <br />15.-1-3 <br />Ls.-2-L <br />L5.-2-2.2 <br />L5.-4-L <br />15.-4-3 <br />L5.-4-2 <br />15.-5-2 <br />L5.-4-4 <br />1s.-s-3.1 <br />15.-5-3.1 <br />15.-4-5 <br />1s.-4-6 <br />t5.-4-7 <br />File: ZR052516jenis <br />Gilbert, John & Inger 102 Corson Pl <br />Umbach, Cristopher & Julie 201Cayuga Heights Rd <br />Fairchild, Howard T0l Wyckoff Rd <br />Pollock, Clifford & Melissa 202 Overlook Rd <br />Holdsworth, Rober & Barbara 200 Cayuga Heights Rd <br />Black. Ronald 1L0 Cayuga Heighrts Rd <br />Signra Chi Cornell Alumni Asc. 106 Cayuga Heights Rd <br />Jenis, Andrew & Victoria 115 Cayuga Heighrts Rd <br />Jeni:;, Andrew & Victoria 115 Cayuga Heights Rd <br />Kornrreich, Bruce & Michelle 614 Wyckoff Rd <br />Gordon, Steven & Wolffe, Jaim,l-10 Overlook Rd <br />Zax, David & Marcia <br />MDLD Family Limited <br />Shealy, James <br />Zaslaw, Neal & Ellen <br />Kimball, Michael <br />Battisti, Carol <br />Mascalu, Florin & Laura <br />Turgeon, Barbara <br />411Kline Rd <br />114 Overlook Rd <br />61-5 Wyckoff Rd <br />109 Cayuga Heights Rd <br />52l Wyckoff Rd <br />106 Overlook Rd <br />524 Wyckoff Rd <br />522 Wyckoff Rd <br />Downing, William & Diane 107 Cayuga Heights Rd