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tflillugr of @ngugu ifrtiglTtx <br />MARCHAM HALL <br />836 HANSHAW ROAD <br />ITHACA. NEWYORK 14850 <br />$47) 257-1238 <br />fax (607) 257-4910 <br />Kate Supron, Mayor <br />Mary E Mills, Clerk <br />Angela M Podufalski, Deputyr Qlsd( <br />Joan M Mangione, Treasurer <br />Brent A Cross, Engineer <br />DATE: <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />RE: <br />REPORT: <br />ZONING OFFICER'S REPORT <br />May 25, 2016 <br />ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS <br />Brent A. Cross, Zoning Officer <br />105 Devon Road <br />A zoning permit application to construct a new one-story addition at the above refenencedproperty has been denied. The proposed addition would result in a footprint of 13o/a, which isgreater than maximum 12Yo allowed by the Village of Cayuga Heights Zoning OrdinanceSection 7: Lot Coverage. The owner is seeking i varianie to ailor,i the great6r coverage.Therefore a public hearing has been scheduled tor 7:45 pm on June 6t{ 2016 at Miarclram Hall,836 Hanshaw Road. <br />The following is a list of property owners within 200' of the applicant's property that will receive acopy of this report by mail: <br />g.-3-6 Srb, Jerome 4LL Cayuga Heigl"rts Rd <br />8.-3-7 Peck,Mason & Longoria,patricia 109 Upland Rd W <br />8.-3-8 Alice Roberts Revocable Trust 105 Uptand Rd W <br />8.-3-g Anderson, Paut & Kepecs, Randi 101 Upland Rd W <br />8.-3-11 Danforth, B & Caiilaud, M 106 Devon Rd <br />8.-3-10 Schell, Susan 104 Devon Rd <br />8.-3-12 Serog Estate of Deborah S 10g Devon Rd <br />tZ.-t-I Berens, Mary & Feeny, paul 105 Devon Rd <br />12.-L-Z Pancaldo, t3onya l_01Devon Rd <br />IZ.-I-3 Cornell, Ezra & Daphne D 212 Hanshaw Rd <br />Lz.-Z-L 524 Hightand LLC 524 Hightand Rd <br />L2.-Z-3 Friedman, K.enneth L & Barbara T 6 Tyler Rd <br />File:ZR052516berens