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1 <br /> <br />Village of Cayuga Heights Planning Board <br />Meeting #56 <br />Monday, September 28, 2015 <br /> Marcham Hall – 7:00 pm <br />Minutes <br /> <br />Present: Planning Board Members Chair F. Cowett, G. Gillespie, D. Hay, and R. Segelken <br />Code Enforcement Officer B. Cross, Deputy Clerk A. Podufalski, Attorney R. Marcus <br />Phi Mu Executive Director-Darlene Reyes, Phi Mu Financial and Accounting Services <br />Comptroller-Tim O’Rourke <br />Members of the Public <br /> <br />Item 1 – Meeting called to order <br /> <br /> Chair F. Cowett opened the meeting at 7:06 pm. <br /> <br />Item 2- August 24, 2015 Minutes <br /> <br /> After clarification was received from Phi Mu Executive Director Darlene Reyes, Chair <br />F. Cowett suggested a change to page 2 of the minutes. The minutes shall read that <br />Phi Mu “has previously not had a chapter house at Cornell.” <br /> <br />Motion: D. Hay <br />Second: R. Segelken <br />RESOLUTION No. 159 <br />APPROVING MINUTES OF AUGUST 24, 2015 <br /> <br />RESOLVE, that the written, reviewed and revised minutes of the August 24, 2015 meeting <br />are hereby approved. <br /> <br />Aye votes – Chair F. Cowett, G. Gillespie, D. Hay, and R. Segelken <br />Opposed- None <br /> <br />Item 3- Public Comment <br /> <br /> No members of the public wished to comment. <br /> <br />Item 4- Public Hearing- 520 Wyckoff Road <br /> <br /> Dorothy Shaffer of 518 Wyckoff Rd. expressed her opposition to the proposed project. <br />She stated concerns with respect to parking and traffic, safety of student pedestrians